9.00 AM-8.00PM



Course Fee : 8000/-

Photoshop installation, Introducing tool cabinet, Use of toolbox- Palette, Pick tool, move tool, magic wand tool, live tool, paint tool, hand tool, zoom tool, marquee tool, lasso tool, path tool, type tool, gradient tool, stamp tool, dropper, implement tool, dodge, burn and sponge tool, blur tool, history brush tool, foreground and background tool, pencil and line tool, crop tool.

Creating Document on Photoshop and short cute key command, icon written material commend-undo, redo, cut, copy, merged, clear, fill, stroke, purge, history, palette, snapshot, transform, scale, move, rotate, skew, numeric rework, flip perspective etc.

Image controller commend- mode choice, image mode, grayscale, duotone, indexed and RGB color CMYK color, multichannel image alter and leveling, distinction alter, curves, invert, image size etc.  File Format, Print.

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