9.00 AM-8.00PM



Course Fee : 8000/-

Adobe artist installation, making document, artist tools- Tool box, choice tools, creation tools, transformation tools, different tools, palette, grouping objects, lockup objects, hide choice, composing things. Editing- undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, clear, outline pattern, stray purpose, brush strokes, inverse, save etc.

Drawing basic object is – sq., rectangle, ellipse, circle, polygon, star, spiral, paint brush, animal sample, arrow sample, creative sample, hand. Making layer, typing, use color, pattern, add image, graph, design, separation setup.

Illustrator command- move, transform, palette, scale, rotate, reflect, shear, rework every command, Path finder, unite, intersect, exclude, minus front, minus back, divide trim, merge, crop, outline etc.

We bring the great Vaaz interior To Life - "Vaaz interior the time is now"

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